Mommy & Me jujube bags

Hello fellow toddler caregivers,

One thing that has been super nice is when I’m able to split the kids with my husband. My husband will take one to the farm and I’ll take the other shopping. I never realized how much easier it was with one child until I had two.

When I end up taking my daughter she loves bringing her jujube itty bitty be. I usually match her and carry my large jujube set piece. They are the perfect size for errands or a date.

My daughter usually prefers just carrying the short straps on hers.

She is able to fit quite a bit inside though.

In the main compartment she has her baby doll, a snack and my be charged.

In the back pocket is the change pad which she loves changing her baby on.

The front pocket we keep her jewelry in but it can fit various items or a small snack.

The zipper are super easy for her to use and she is able to put everything back without a struggle. Huge plus!

Now for my mommy bag! 

There arent any extra pockets so I have a diaper, wipes, my phone, wallet, keys, and Kleenex all in the main compartment.

 It’s easy enough to see and access everything so I don’t mind the lack of pockets. 

(For those who are curious:The be quick is a bit roomier and has an inside zipper pocket)

I love the size of these bags though! They’re super functional and most importantly machine washable. 

I grab for mine all the time! Even when I’m just going out with friends for a girls night.

You can watch my packing video here.

Happy shopping,

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