Mouthwatering Belgium waffles

Hello fellow foodies,

Have you ​ever lost someone close to you? We’re nearing the year mark my father in law passed away. More often than not we’re filled with emotions. On those days, where I want to curl up in a ball, I try to remember ways he made us smile. 

During our first two years of marriage we lived in a little house on my in laws property. We shared meals together and my favorite was my mother in laws waffles. One day I mentioned this to him and he shared some secrets. Had no idea he was also a pro 😉

So no matter what your feelings are towards waffles it’s something that’ll stay in our family to remember all the many times we had breakfast with both of them. As well as the many times it was just him 💕 

Sooooo I finally splurged and got a double Belgian waffle maker. 


2 cups bisquick
1-1.5 cup milk (I use vanilla almond) *
1 scoop of sour cream or greek yogurt
2-3 eggs*

tip 1:Beat eggs first, makes them fluffy
Mix all other ingredients together with the eggs. I use a hand mixer.

Pro tip 2:  Add more milk if needed, you want the batter runny.

Pour batter in using waffle maker directions.

Serve up with syrup, berries, and whip cream! Enjoy 😘

Happy eating,

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