Lily Jade Elizabeth in Navy! (New color!)

Hello fellow purse lovers,

 If you didn’t know navy and black are two staples in my wardrobe! I was soooo excited when I heard Lily Jade was releasing a number of its bags in this new navy color!

Isn’t it stunning!?!

When I first discovered Lily Jade the Elizabeth was the style I had my eye on. I mean look at all those outside pockets!!

I ordered the Elizabeth in charcoal/grey last November and when it arrived it just wasn’t love. I felt like I was carrying a small duffle bag so I quickly returned it. 

Yet when the Navy color came out the Elizabeth was my favorite style in that shade. I decided to give it another go. I changed my mind a couple times but eventually it made it’s way to my doorstep…

I have only been carrying it for under a week but I’m determined to learn how to pack and wear her. She’ll be my personal item on the plane for an upcoming trip.

 Anyways now that I’ve drawn this crazy long backstory let’s take a look inside this beauty! 

This is what I’ve carried the most with her so far. She’s slightly heavy but that’s to be expected with the size and fact she’s full grain leather.

I’m starting to carry less and less now that my kids are 4yrs old and 2yrs old.

We will start with the insert.

Back pockets I have wipes and 4 size 4 diapers.

In the center part I have 1 ubbi snack container,1 replay snack cup, 1 logan and Lenora petite pouch with apples, Munchikin trash bag holder, and I could hold my dslr camera (not pictured above)

Side pockets have sippy cups.

Front pockets have snacks and my custom jujube med kit with sunblock, allergy medicine, chapstick, band aides, nesosporan, etc.

When I pull out the insert I just have my portable charger in one of the pockets. I also have the boogie board and logan and lenora change pad that I’ll tuck behind the insert when it’s inside.

In the two front pockets I have hand sanitizer, kleenex, my wallet and keys.

In the pocket just behind those I keep my phone. I can have it standing up and it’s covered unless you look at it from up top 😉

On the sides I keep my waterbottle and one of theirs sometimes.

In the back pocket I have both their ipods for emergencies, mostly grocery store runs 😉

And that is all! It is defintely roomy! I’m more of a vertical packer so I can throw things on top but I’m learning to pack horizontally! 

Hope this helps! Shoot me a message if you have any questions. 

You can watch the video of this packing video here

Happy shopping,

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