Costco favorites continued 

Hello fellow foodies, 

This post was meant to go out last week but we’ve been slow going around here.

Anyways let’s talk about a few more Costco favorites, I mentioned a few others here if you missed it 🙂

I’m a fan of Chinese food. I actually went into labor with my daughter after we had Panda Express for dinner lol 

Everyone was telling me the Costco orange chicken is where it’s at and they weren’t wrong. I’ve had a lot of frozen orange chicken and this one doesn’t taste dried out like a lot of others.

It comes with two separate packages of chicken and sauce packets. Plus Costco also sales this delicious chicken fried rice we love. It heats up in the microwave in 3minutes!!!

Super easy meal to throw together and my kiddos enjoy it as well.

Another great on the go meal are these vegan bowls. My husband took them to school and they heat up super quick. I might’ve claimed most of them though…

Lastly we had one Costco fail these healthy noodles…My husband eats everything and said these tasted like plastic. It’s definitely an acquired taste but a super quick way to have noodles. I didn’t mind them but they’re not my first choice.

Any cooking/meal tips for those who like them? We still have a few more to use…

That is it for my Costco run. Their bagged salads and pack of 3 cucumbers are always really good too! 

Happy eating,

8 thoughts on “Costco favorites continued 

  1. I’m going to have to try some of these suggestions, especially the Japanese Fried Rice and Orange Chicken. If you haven’t tried the “Seeds of Change” Quinoa/Brown Rice bags they sell there I highly recommend them! Only have to microwave each bag for 90 seconds and they are super good, (especially with a little cheese and hot sauce). Perdue Chicken nuggets are great too.

    Btw, about the orange chicken; have you tried the addicting Trader Joe Mandarin Orange chicken, and if so how does it compare to the Costco brand in your opinion? I also like the Chicken Fried Rice from Trader Joe’s but it’s not spectacular by any means, so I’ll definitely be buying the Japanese style next Costco run.

    I go to a variety of grocers for maximum nutrition value for least dollar spent, and Costco is definitely one of the go to places (along with ALDI and Trader Joe’s). I mentioned my favorite Costco value buys in the post “Inexpensive Clean Eating Shopping Tips” from a month back you may find some thriftful tips from:


      1. Awesome thanks for the heads up! I’m definitely going to be getting some from Costco next time. I haven’t been able to come close to replicating if from TJ’s, though it does have a fair amount of sugar so maybe I should give it another few tries but not battery once in awhile : )


  2. So true about the rotisserie chicken and oil especially, but all great suggestions for value!

    Fun fact about the rotisserie chicken; they actually lose millions of dollars ever year selling it for that price, but sell it at that price loss for the foot traffic and because people love it so much. Fun to make different things with it like fried rice, and my current favorite (cherry cashew chicken salad).


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