Monthly favorites (Inside my diaper bag)

Hey guys!

These have been my most recent favorites that I carry inside my diaper bag. Some have been year long favorites! Would love to hear your favorites! Have I said favorites enough!? 😉 

Comment below and let me know if you use any of these 🙂

With my kids being 4 & 2 I really don’t pack as much anymore! But these items you can usually always find inside my Lily Jade diaper bags. (Elizabeth in navy- pictured)

1. Tula toddler carrier. I use it for errands, preschool pickup/drop off, farm chores, around the house, etc my 2yr old lives in it.🤗

2. Logan and Lenora petite pouch (for snacks, wet clothes, etc.) and wristlet (for our minimal diapering needs) they are my favorite waterproof bags and super durable.

3. Zoli insulated food container! I’ve carried breakfast, lunch, and snacks in here. Even liquids and it maintains the warm/cold temperature and doesn’t leak!!

4. Step into reading books. They’re thin, have popular movie themes, and stickers. They’ve been long term favorites. 

5. Hydroflask I have it in the 20 and 40oz variation and it’s my favorite water bottle!!! Worth every penny!

6. Crayon wallet off Etsy 🙂 portable and super entertaining for my kids.

Lastly the saving grace to my ever forgetful mommy brain. It’s called a “tile” I have it hooked to my wallet (jujube small set piece with be charged) and keys. 

It comes with an app for your phone that locates and rings it. I don’t know how I ever found my wallet without it! My kids love searching for the jingle… which may be why I’ve lost it more often 🤔

Comment below👇🏻— if you made it this far 😉

Video version here

Happy shopping,

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