My on the go newborn essentials! 

Hello everyone,

We’re expecting our 3rd baby April of 2018 and I couldn’t be more excited! One of my closest friends is due a few weeks before me so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to grab all my newborn essentials, when on the go, and send her some 🙂

I’ve used a lot of diaper bag brands! Lily Jade and Jujube are the top two I recommend along with a handful of others. 

Jujube is a favorite because the whole bag is machine washable and who doesn’t love that with messy kiddos!?! The jujube bff can be worn two ways backpack style and messenger style. Those straps are also removable if you don’t plan to use them. It also has a convenient grab handle on top. I used the bff(pictured) with my son and it worked well for us! I’m also a huge fan of organizing with the be set. Now let’s jump in!

First is the mommy pocket and upper zipper pocket. I use the small jujube set piece as a wallet and it fits perfect in the top zipper pocket. You can also use it to carry mommy essentials. In the mommy pocket there is a key fob, slip pocket, sunglasses holder, zipper pocket(where I keep the coco nipple cream) and a second slip pocket(where I keep the boogie wipes). That’s all for the front! 

 Now in the back there is a memory foam change pad and it’s also where I keep the Johnson and Johnson head to toe wipes. Perfect for baby blowouts to really clean them up 🙂

The only accessory hanging on the outside is the  Jujube paci pod. I love it because it can hold clips, small wubbanubs and 2-3 pacifiers. Some of the ones I prefer are:

Now for the inside of the diaper bag!! 🙂

You can just throw a swaddle blanket in your bag but I chose to keep it in a large jujube set piece to keep it clean.

Swadddle brands that I love:

I LOVE  having a small diapering bag for quick errands, a friends home, church, etc so I don’t have to lug my whole diaper bag in the bathroom to change my baby. My husband also loves using it and knowing everything he needs is right there! 

My favorite is the Logan and Lenora wristlet clutch it fits a ton! Their waterproof petite pouch fits inside which is perfect for spare outfits and dirty ones(contains smell). AND their simple change pad easily fits in the front zippered pocket! I clip arm and hammer trash bags on the outside to use at friends homes, public places or just a quick trash bag.

 Inside I can also fit 6 newborn diapers, the organic healing balm, wipes case, the petite pouch mentioned above and the babyganics hand sanitizer. It’s my #1 baby item. 

Sadly I hate the burp rags sold in stores. With both my kids I preferred ordering some off Etsy and often gift them for baby showers. 

These ones from WittsEnd in particular are super absorbent and have soft minky material. (Whabnub for size reference)

Now for those who are nursing, or even if you’re not, I love the Covergoods nursing cover. It can be used as a nursing cover, car seat cover, cart cover and scarf! Super versatile and is breathable material so your infant doesn’t get hot.

Lastly, in the diaper bag,  is my custom jujube first aide kit. I find a lot of the first aide kits sold in stores are excessive. I like the safety first one because of the bottle medicine dispenser. It was a lot easier for my kids to take than the dropper that comes with most infant medicine.  I also use the aspirator, thermometer, and nail clippers from it. 

Other items are gas relievers; gripe water (worked wonders for both my kids) and the frida baby windi. Than sort of in vain is a tide to go pen but can still be handy for Mom to have 😉

 Now for the jujube fuel cell! This can be carried in your bag or clipped on the outside but it’s my makeshift pump bag. Anyone with an electric pump knows it takes its own bag. This option is a lot more portable.

I used it with the medela hand pump. If I was out and only needed to pump once or at an event and needed someone else to feed them for me it was a lot easier to use. The Dr brown bottles can also screw onto the medela pump handle and  have the anti colic filters. Super quick and easy! I always had small packs of ice to keep the breast milk cool before transferring to my fridge. 

Lastly is a carrier. I loved the solly baby wrap but it is a long piece of material that takes some getting use to. I plan to use this and try out a ring sling for our 3rd. Any suggestions on Brands?

For those who want something easy Ergo, Tula and Lillebaby are all great carrier brands. I keep a Tula toddler carrier in my car and before kept the lillebaby all seasons complete.

If you’re active and also enjoy hiking the lillebaby airflow is another great option. Breathable mesh, tons of carrying options, and no extra infant insert needed from 7-45lbs 🙂 I’ve gotten most my lillebaby carriers from Bed bath and beyond with a promo.

    Anyways this was super lengthy so I could share a little about each item but that is all! I would love to hear what you’re on the go newborn essentials are as well. Comment below or message me!

    You can watch the video version of this post here.

    Happy shopping,


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