On the go products for bottle feeding (first impressions)!

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share my first impressions on various on the go products for bottle feeding. I’ll be talking about the mixie bottles, oxo tot travel drying rack, and boon trip travel drying rack

I’ll start off by introducing the bottles. I’m really excited about using the mixie bottles. They are designed to make formula feeding on the go easy and convenient.

 They have a sealed formula dispenser on the inside of the bottle. There is a button on the bottom of the bottle that you push for lid to pop off and have the formula dispense into the water. It’s a really neat concept! We won’t be using them for a while but we’re hoping they help with night time feedings and when we are on the go. 

Now because these are the ones I plan to use on the go I wanted to show them on the drying racks as well as a few others. 

This is both bottles taken apart on the boon trip drying rack:

This is both bottles taken apart on the oxo tot drying rack:

I know most bottles don’t have a lot of extra pieces to them like these ones do. If most the bottles you carry only have 2 pieces you can fit 4-6 bottles. I have the como tomo, munchkin latch, lanisoh, and dr Browns option bottle pictured (next) for reference. (All of them are 5oz bottles.)

Boon drying rack:

Oxo tot drying rack:

Now for the pros and cons of both drying racks and a size comparison.

—The oxo tot—


  • User friendly, easy to place bottles.
  • Has two bottle brushes
  • Good texture on bottom to keep bottles out of stagnant water. 
  • Lots of space on top for the bottle caps or additional items.
  • Great for toddler cups, plates and bottles.
  • Great for pumping parts.
  • Bulkier than a wipes case but compact enough to throw inside your diaper bag. 


  • Small bottle brush…isn’t very long making it hard to use on longer pieces like dr brown bottles or various pump parts 
  • Bottles will sometimes easily fall if not placed close together (not often)

—Boon drying rack—


  • Long but not super wide.
  • Comes with 3 different bottle brush sizes.
  • Has a place for bottle brushes when bottles are drying.
  • Has a removable (fake) grass mat for easy clean up. 
  • Good grip on bottles.
  • Great for bottles with tiny part.
  • Not as compact as the oxo tot but still compact enough to fit in various diaper bags.


  • Harder to keep bottles from “popping off” when you first use it. Takes a little more patience.
  • Main bottle brush is flat and not very full but that has to do with the design of the case. It still gets the job done. 

Now lastly for size comparison!

The boon is longer and taller than the oxo tot but the oxo tot is wider. 

Both are a great options for bottle feeding and/or pumping on the go. Just depends what features you’re looking for and what style you prefer!

Let me know which one you would choose! If you’d like the video format of this post you can watch it here

Happy shopping,

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