All done Christmas shopping (2kids under 5yrs old)!!

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to quickly share what we got our kids for Christmas. I’m guilty of buying all sorts of stuff for them all year long that I really try hard not to go overboard on Christmas. We’d rather focus on traditions and enjoying the holiday season. That being said I would LOVE to hear all your favorite, kid friendly, traditions just comment below!

Now back to the gifts…for starters I like to go to Hobby Lobby and pick a wrapping paper pattern for each kid. That way I don’t have to label anything and we know who gets each gift. These are actually the patterns from last year and there was still plenty for this year.

As far as what we wrap we try to stick to 5 categories. Similar to last year.

1. Christmas Eve box; pjs, movie, favorite snacks.

2. Disney plush (goes in stalking if it’s small wrapped separately if it’s large)

3. Learning activity (puzzles this year since Target had a bogo for the Melissa and Doug brand)

4. Book(s) -this year there weren’t a lot of sales so we just did one each.

5. Toy they’ve requested. My husband often has stethoscope on him as well as my obgyn so my son has been asking for a doctor kit. I’m also a huge fan of interactive baby dolls when preparing for a new sibling so that’s what we got my daughter this year.

You can watch the video version of this post here.

Even doing minimal gifts it’s crazy how quickly things add up. I’ll include links below on what we got specifically for each kid. Just remember I bought it before and during Black Friday weekend so it won’t reflect the price I paid. However I’m sure there will be additional sales leading up to Christmas!

Gifts for my son (4yrs old)

#1 Cars 3 movie, stitch pjs and slipper socks.

#2 16in stitch plush

#3 Melissa and Doug spelling puzzle

#4 5 minute stories Disney Pixar

#5 Doctor dress up kit

Gifts for my daughter (2yrs old)

#1 Disney Aristocrats movie, 101 Dalmatian pjs and slipper socks.

#2 16in Lady plush (no longer available)

#3 Lower and uppercase letters puzzle.

#4 5 minute stories Disney princess

#5 Interactive Baby doll (bought at Burlington in and out of stock)

We usually do an indoor/outdoor group gift but since we’re not 100% where we’re moving next year we decided just to get them these 3 puzzles to share.

Ironically an abc and 123 puzzle was my son’s only request.

My son has been the most excited about Christmas this year. We even went and picked out a live Christmas tree. His excitement reminds me how simple their views really are during this time of year. No reason to go overboard! They enjoy the experiences more than the gifts. So far we’ve made gingerbread cookies and decorated our home for Christmas.

Hope all of you are happy and healthy! There’s so much to be thankful for this time of year!

Happy shopping,

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