Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play

Hello everyone,

I tried refraining from buying too many baby items Black Friday weekend since we don’t know the gender yet. (Find out tomorrow-Dec 7th!)

However I found an awesome deal on Amazon for the Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play and decided it was close enough to gender neutral 🙂 Usually I’m all for flowery and pink when it’s a girl, if it’s a girl, but decided it was worth the $40 in savings either way!

My son had reflux and I wish I had this for him! I was always so paranoid he would choke on his spit up. Part of that had to do with being a first time mom but also just how often and how much he would spit up. My daughter on the other hand hardly ever spit up but all my friends still recommended the Rock n Play.

I used it mostly for naps and the first few weeks at night with her. I had the classic version for my daughter though. It would only vibrate and I would have to reach over my bed to rock it. I sold it about a year ago since I was hoping to get the auto version in the future. Which I did!

Now after a crazy long backstory…here are the things I love about!

Mesh sides, smooth material, buckle and baby rests at an incline.

Removable cover and easy to wipe down plastic frame.

Off/Nap(30min)/Bedtime(6hr) time settings. There’s a sticker as a cheat sheet on the side. When the power button is red it means off, blue is naptime and green is bedtime.

Super easy to use “control panel” with:

  • 12 musical/nature sounds
  • volume adjustment up or down
  • 2 rocking speeds

Built in plugin storage! I love that you have the option to wrap and plug the chord into the rock n play to have it out of the way!

And of course it’s portable and easy to fold 🙂

I’ve purchased the auto one for quite a few friends and they love it! It’s seemed to hold up well for them so I have high hopes for it.

One of the main concerns I’ve seen for the rock n play is that it causes flat head syndrome. Which isn’t true, it isn’t the sole contributor. Any item your baby uses on its back will naturally lead to a flat spot. However by switching how the rock n play faces and the direction your baby looks will help significantly reduce it! My daughter had a very minor one with no cause for concern but so did my son who didn’t use this.

I gave more hands on tips in my video review for a better explanation on how to avoid it.

Anywho I loved it for my daughter, my friends love it and I’m excited to use it for baby #3!

Hoped this review helped give you an idea of what to expect!

Happy shopping,

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