Baby Boy haul!

Hello everyone,

Yes you read that headline right 😉 We are having a baby boy and we are soooo excited!

I tried really hard not to get carried away Black Friday weekend but had to get items from some of my favorite shops 😍 I’m gifting the girl items I bought but these are all the fun boy items I’ll be keeping!

< strong>I’ll start first with Madeline’s box! < img src=”; height=”797″ class=”wp-image-3612″ width=”1242″><<<<<
n shop from their website or follow along on Instagram for deals. I love their pacifier clips and have gifted them many times. However even though my son was a binky baby my daughter was not so I’m going to keep them packaged until I know what this little man prefers.

You can also shop their store on Amazon…so bonus!

Next is my oh so favorite shop Logan and Lenora! < img src=”; height=”1066″ class=”wp-image-3613″ width=”1242″><<<<<
their bags! They're super durable, wash well and are waterproof.

You can buy their items from amazon, Nordstrom, the sensible mama or directly from their site. They are always sharing deals + giveaways on their Instagram so be sure to follow along there as well.

This time I just got a wristlet clutch, change pad and set of 4 petite pouches. I gifted a wristlet clutch and 2 of the petite pouches, not pictured.

<<<< a href=””>wristlet clutch is one of my #1 diaper bag items, you need it!

Lastly is Copper Pearl where I got the most items…< img src=”; height=”1387″ class=”wp-image-3615″ width=”1242″><<<<<
fairly new company started by two Moms and so many of my friends rant and rave about their swaddles. The material is so soft and stretchy! I actually stumbled upon them on Amazon, then followed them on Instagram where I found their website and various boutiques they also sell from.

I got their baby boy bundle which included two swaddles, a car seat cover and 4 bibs.

purchased 3 additional swaddles and 2 sets of 3 burp cloths.

I use swaddles for everything! Nursing, car seat/stroller cover, play mat, burp cloths and of course an actual swaddle 😉 I'm excited to add these to my ever growing collection.

I'm also not usually a huge fan of burp cloths you can buy in the store and often turn to Etsy. I was impressed with the reviews on these though so I'm giving them a go. They're a great size, multi layer and beautiful prints.

That is everything…so far! I'll be showing all the items and prints up close on my channel next week so be on the lookout.

Happy shopping,

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