Teacher/Neighbor gifts from the dollar tree!

Hello everyone,

I’m sure everyone is equally excited that winter break is here! Whether you’re headed off on vacation or staying close to home it’s my favorite break!

For those who are still going to school next week…I’m sorry! I’ve yet to figure out how all the various schools figure out their timelines.

This year my son has 1 language teacher with two teaching assistants, 1 speech teacher with an assistant and 1 preschool teacher with two assistants! I’m a former teacher so I always have to do something for each holiday but looking forward to kindergarten when he only has one and I can splurge a little more lol

This is what we did this year! It was super quick and easy! Everything was form the dollar tree except the pack of mini cookie cutters that I got off Amazon!

  1. Oven mitt
  2. Betty Crocker spatula
  3. Sugar Cookie mix
  4. Chocolate Mints
  5. Festive Shredded paper
  6. Sandwich bags
  7. Mini cookie cutters (amazon)
  8. Note printed on cardstock “Because or you I’m going to be one smart “Christmas” cookie! Thank you!”

In total I bought 8 mitts, spatulas and cookie mixes. Divided out 3 bags of mints and shredded paper. Ended up using sand which bags I already had on hand so it was about $40 total which came out to be $5 per gift.

I couldn’t find cookie cutters at our dollar tree which is why I ordered from Amazon. Plus 2 day shipping 🙌🏻

Meant to post this sooner since we gave them out on Monday but there’s still just over a week till Christmas so enjoy 😉

Happy gifting,

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