Yoobi pencil case ($6 from Target)!

Hello fellow on the go parents,

Lately I’ve been playing around with different options to pack less when we’re on the go. With baby #3 on the way I know I’m going to have a lot less space to utilize for the older two inside my diaper bag. At least for a while 🙂

With that in mind I saw this $6 Yoobi pencil case from Target and fell in love!

So let’s dive in and take a look!

In the front you have the logo and a slit pocket. I don’t really utilize that pocket at all but it goes pretty deep.

In the back there is a zippered pocket I will occasionally put a sheet or two of stickers from the dollar tree.

On the inside I have a boogie board jot 4.5 in the left mesh pocket for my son and one for my daughter in the front right pocket.

Behind the boogie board on the left there are two pockets that fit 5 of the thicker twistable crayons. (My daughter will usually break the thinner ones.)

Behind the boogie board on the right I have 2 play pack coloring books (with the stickers inside). You could easily fit up to 4!

It all zips up smoothly and is super compact! I can easily fit it into all my diaper bags. Even my fawn design mini with room to spare for snacks and drinks!!

I’m loving it so far and truthfully love any excuse for a Target run! 😉 Worth every penny!


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