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Hello Everyone,

Today I want to dive in to the ever popular baby registry checklist. I registered for so many useless items when I had my son and I had no idea what to get. Like so many parents I was overwhelmed with all the different options for each individual item.

60595f217526ba59ced535d4e104b3b3For my daughter, second child, we had a lot of the bigger items but got everything else ourselves and didn’t do a shower. I knew exactly what I wanted after I had my son so it was easy. Now for our third baby we started from square one pretty much. I kept a few things but had given away many of our baby items since we had discussed waiting longer.

I want to link all of my must have items for you guys here. There are a few items like pacifiers (specifically a wubbaNub and madeline’s box pacifier clips) that I didn’t include on the list because from experience my son loved pacifiers and my daughter was not a fan. They also include pacifiers in most welcome baby boxes from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, etc.  I also purchased a baby boy bundle from copper pearl that included swaddles, a carseat cover, and drool bibs. I don’t think drool bibs are necessary but do have 4 from this set.

Now for those who want to print this checklist without the links I made both a WORD and PDF file you can download. If you have trouble downloading them please let me know!

Clothes/Dresser items:

*I prefer the brands copper pearl, cloud island and even Gerber for burp rags. Copper pearl linked on Amazon, Cloud Island linked on Target, Bebe au lait (swaddle) and Gerber (burp rag) linked at Buy buy baby.

Overnight items:

We ended up getting a mattress for our pack n play because we used it so much the first 4-6months. It’s a little cumbersome to store afterwards but the sheets really only work well on the mattress. They fit loosely on just the pad.

Diapering items:

As far as diapers go I wouldn’t really register for them since it’s a popular gift in a variety of sizes. A box of each is just what I’ve used at the start. If I run out of newborn and they’re still small enough I’ll often just fold over the size 1 diapers to fit.

*I have the one from Target that is fabric but wipeable on the inside. I like the idea of the munchkin one (linked on amazon) because it comes with its own change pad. I use another Logan and Lenora simple change pad in mine. I also like the idea of the ubbi caddy because it’s completely wipeable but it’s pricey. Honestly you can use any of them. I put all my newborn essentials in it the first couple weeks after giving birth and also use it in my room.

**I used a small wet bag in my diaper caddy for clothes the first few weeks as well so I wouldn’t have to get up so much. It was a lifesaver and it’s machine washable. It’s also great in your diaper bag for baby blowouts.

Bath time items:

Carrying/travel items:

*I bought the Nuna Pipa Car seat from and recieved $60 in rewards once it shipped which I used to purchase the adapters. It is a limited time offer, not sure how long it will last.

Nursing items:

*Each store has a different brand linked. I used both covered goods and copper pearl.

Many insurance companies cover an electric pump so if you’re planning to pump often that would be my suggestion. In general a hand pump was a lifesaver! Gave quick relief the few times I was engorged and in pain. It’s also the easiest to throw in your bag on the go.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the lansinoh nipple butter it was just so sticky and hard to use. These others (linked above) worked better.

Bottle items (if formula feeding/pumping):

* NOTE: I have been told the formula tends to shift around the compartments in this and similar ones so we may go with something else instead.

– Bottles and formula are a personal preference and some bottles come in welcome boxes. Dr Brown’s bottles are compatible with the medela hand pump though. The Enfamil Enspire formula I spoke about with my doctor and only plan to use at first (it’s pricey).

We have yet to decide if we’re doing the baby brezza formula pro or a bottle warmer. The formula pro has come highly recommended though! I feel like it’s worth putting on your registry if you’re planning to supplement or exclusively formula feed.

Diaper bag items:

(Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby)

*Logan and Lenora is also sold at Nordstrom, various baby boutiques like the sensible mama and their site. If you’re not familiar with their brand I wrote about it a while ago (#1 item in my diaper bag)! I’m obsessed and you can always find something of theirs in my diaper bag.

*The Johnson wipes are one of my favorite things for baby blowouts on the go! I’m not a huge fan of the Johnson bathtime stuff but do really love these for occasional use. If sheamoisture did something similar I’d get theirs.

Miscellaneous items:

*My husband is an advocate of rectal thermometers vs digital working better.

Items I plan to buy later:

*Not a fan of large infant swings. Downside to the portable is it uses batteries. Also heard rumors they are coming out with the Nuna Leaf grow but that may not be until the end of 2018.  We are leaning towards the 4moms rockaroo but I know the mamaroo is popular.

I’m also not a fan of infant playmates. I’ve been looking at the skip hop playspot but often just use a rug.

Items I already own and plan to use later:

Diaper bags:

 —–Additional Note—–

 I recommend not registering for toys, teethers, or pacifiers. Even many clothes or diapers because each baby is different. You will also end up getting them anyways, most often, without registering for them.

I know from personal experience that my kids tend to be in newborn clothes 6-8 weeks. So I would only plan to get newborn and 0-3/3 month sizes until you know how quickly your little one is going to grow. My son grew a lot faster than my daughter.

Hope this helps! If there’s anything you loved that I missed feel free to comment below!

I shop mostly at Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond (20% off coupon), and various boutiques. Tried to link most all of the items at Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon since those are the common registry picks. If you have a 20% off definitely search for it on Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath and Beyond first.

**Cloud island products are only sold at Target** Alternatively, Copper Pearl and Logan and Lenora can’t be found at Target or Buy Buy Baby.

On another note check out my baby registry regrets on my channel. I’ll go into more detail about what I regretted as well as individual reviews of certain items. Later on you’ll see more baby product reviews, newborn must haves, and postpartum care. So be sure to check it out!

Happy Shopping,


***Note- Some linked items have affiliate links(mainly amazon). Rest assured I have purchased all of these items personally and I’m only recommending ones that I love and use often. Thank you for your support!

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