Super Hero Valentine’s Day Cards + Teacher Gift!

Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to quickly share what I’m doing for Valentine’s day for my son’s classes. It is not perfected by any means but when I was searching for something quick to print off I couldn’t find anything. I decided to share what I quickly threw together. He currently has 3 teachers, 5 teaching aides and 28 classmates so I needed something inexpensive and easy!


First I’ll start with the superhero Valentine’s day cards and treat bags. I only did spider man cards for my son because that is his favorite super hero right now. I also signed the cards with his name.

Items needed:

  • Heart bags (the ones I got are out of stock but you can also get some from the dollar tree)
  • Candy (purchased 3 different kinds from Target to give variety)
  • Heart Stickers ( I cut each sheet in half)
  • Cardstock for valentine’s day cards

You can either print off the 12 version (PDF), the 16 version(PDF) or use word and insert whatever pictures you want for the cards.

My daughter is equally obsessed with superheros so I did a boy and a girl version!

Girl: Robin girl, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, and Batgirl.





Boy: Iron man, Captain America, Batman, and Spiderman





Now for the teacher gifts!

That is all for both! I made the tags for the jars a little bit smaller so they would lay well on the jars.


I just poured in the Mnms, tied on the note, and stuck stickers on the top of the mason jars. Super quick and easy!

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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