Preschool activity page!

Hello everyone,

Today I’m excited to share another great worksheet from

As a former teacher so many think I can just come up with all my own resources, which I do on occasion, but I appreciate when the work is done for me 😉

We have been so sick this winter and with spring break just around the corner it’s nice having some activities you can use from home!

My son really enjoyed this word match. He struggled with some unfamiliar words like jam (we say jelly) or cap (we always say hat) but otherwise had no problem matching the correct picture to the word. He can’t read on his own yet so I read the word and he’d match it to the picture. He’ll be 5 the end of May but does similar activities in his current preschool class.

So if you’re looking for simple but effective worksheets to use from home you can find the one we used here: worksheet and answer key

Kids will discover new words as they match up a picture to the correct word. For more reading activities like this visit

If you missed it this is another fun activity we did before using Scooby snack graham crackers and dice 🎲

Happy learning,

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