Frozen breakfast burritos 🌯

Hello fellow foodies,

Wednesday I’m officially 32 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe it! This whole pregnancy I’ve stuck to many of our go to meals that I’ve shared in the past due to lack of energy. We’ve also had some of our favorite premade meals from Trader Joe’s. I’m slowly working towards freezer meals in preparation for this little one on the way which I’ll be sure to share.

Today I was making some breakfast burritos 🌯 for my husband and realized I hadn’t ever shared them on here! They’re time consuming due to the hash browns and bacon but overall super easy to make and so nice for busy mornings on the go!


  • 14 large tortillas or 20 smaller ones
  • 2.5 dozen eggs
  • Splash of milk

*or 2 dozen eggs and 1/2 cup milk*

  • 14-28 slices of turkey bacon
  • 1/2-1cup salsa (preference)
  • 1/2-1cup cheese (preference)
  • 1 28oz package of frozen hash browns and peppers
  • Desired seasonings (I used 1-2tsp of chili powder, garlic salt, oregano, and minced onion)

I like to start off cooking the hash browns, according to package, since they can only be cooked in a single layer so it takes two batches.

While the hash browns are cooking I start on the bacon. Cooking according to package and desired crispness. If you don’t have a griddle already you need one!

Once I’ve started on the second batch of hash browns I start the eggs. Whisking them all in a bowl then transferring to a medium skillet. Cooking on medium high until they’re cooked through.

Once the hash browns are done I transfer them to a large mixing bowl and sprinkle some chili powder and garlic salt.

Once the eggs are done I add them to the same large bowl as the hash browns. Wait for them to cool and mix both together.

While waiting for the eggs to cool I heat the tortillas for 15-20 seconds each in the microwave.

Once everything is ready the layering process begins!

Put desired amount of egg mixture, sprinkle

cheese, add salsa and then bacon on top.

All that’s left is to roll each one up!

Wrap in seran/cling wrap!

And lastly place them into gallon freezer bags. I ran out of cling wrap so I used foil.

My husband reheats them in 1.5-2min in the microwave! Super easy and convenient to have on hand 🙌🏻

Happy meal prepping,

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