Hospital Thank You Bags! (Baby edition)

Hello everyone,

Today I am officially 34 weeks pregnant and packing up our hospital bags. One thing I try to do, every time I have gone in to deliver, is bring some sort of thank you gift. I know they are “doing their job” but it always feels good to be acknowledged. Especially during the long shifts so many of them work each day.

With my son it was personalized cards and teddy grahams. With my daughter we did thank you cards and candy bars. I remember I had a midwife student in the room during my daughter’s delivery and despite the fast pace of everything and being slightly intimidated she was so sweet! She came in and gave me a hug after she discovered our thank you card 🙂

This time around we will have a handful of thank you cards for those who helped with our delivery. During the rest of our stay I wanted something easy I could pass out. Usually my husband takes charge of writing the thank you cards but if he isn’t around and with our kids I still wanted something to show my appreciation.

So with all of that being said….this is what I’m doing this go around for baby #3 and our 2nd little boy 🙂 I made 15 bags in total so each one was pretty inexpensive to make.

It was soooo easy to put together and I got everything from Target (quick online delivery!) I would go in store but it becomes more of a challenge with two little ones while pregnant 🙂

All you need is items for inside the bag. I chose chapstick, cliff bars (blueberry, white chocolate, and chocolate chip), and some gum. I also got these clear plastic treat bags and a package of blue tissue paper (pink option).


Since the tissue paper came in a pack of 8 I just cut each piece in half (16 total now) and  folded it in half to cover the items on each side.


I stuck the items and tissue paper inside the plastic bag and slipped in the thank you card/tag (pictured above).


Here are the cards I made to use. Both the baby boy and baby girl version. If you want to put more than 4 you can just copy these pictures and paste them onto a word document.



Again super easy to throw together but something every nurse can use!(according to my nursing friends). I know another super popular and easy thing to do is just to buy doughnuts, bagels or pizza for the nursing floor. But my poor husband will already be traveling back and forth a lot 🙂 Would love to hear what you did! Comment down below!

Happy delivery,



2 thoughts on “Hospital Thank You Bags! (Baby edition)

  1. This is a great idea! But we didn’t come across this post until after our child was born, so we had to come up with an after the fact thank you gift.

    We are putting a package together that we plan to drop off at the labor and delivery floor. We will include simple thank you cards for everyone that we have a name for (nurses, midwifes, Dr, Anesthesiologist); pictures for everyone we have a picture of (Dr, Midwife, Labor Nurses); a collage of the baby at birth, baby at 1 month, and a family picture for everyone who helped (thank you on the back); and a few treats (probably individually wrapped chocolates). Also thinking about getting donuts or something for the Janitors and Dietitians who kept our room up for us and fed us. But will probably just make a thank you card they can share in the break room with a picture. Finally, we are wanting to make a thank you for the anonymous volunteers who made the cute blankets and outfits for our little guy! Again, another shared note the hospital can put on display or something.

    So ours is a little more work, but we also didn’t prepare beforehand to do anything. But better late than never. Really glad we saw this post so we could get the inspiration we needed to do something for our awesome hospital team that did so much for our family!


    1. I know from experience that everything is appreciated! They will love it! It’s not an easy job working with families who are often overwhelmed with new babies. Though they work hard and love their jobs they aren’t always noticed.


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