Trader Joe’s favorites

Hello fellow foodies,

Being pregnant with my 3rd quick and easy meals have been my life! Trader Joe’s has been my go to frozen meals. We’ve had the ones listed below way too many times!

Planning to stock our freezer with a few again in the next few weeks for after baby.

All the ones I’m sharing my kids actually ate and enjoyed which makes them a win in my book 🙌🏻

Gnocchi is one of my husband’s favorites and we just have to tell our kids it’s noodles 😉

Since my kids are so obsessed with noodles we tried these and they still loved them! Little healthier to rotate in.

Pizza is always a favorite in our home! Kids enjoy the pepperoni but let me tell you the roasted veggies is soooo good!

I love tamales and although they are always better from scratch these weren’t half bad and we enjoyed them with some Spanish rice 🙂

This one has always been our go to! I don’t feel like any frozen orange chicken has ever wowed me but this one is pretty good 🙂

Our son was not a fan of this one since it’s a little spicier but our daughter sure tried to eat more until we stopped her 😅

Quinoa has become a new favorite of ours though we’re still getting use to the texture. This mix is really good served with some breaded chicken.

Lastly is my go to for lunch! I’m obsessed with these crackers and hummus and have them pretty much every day 😋

I’m going to be so sad when we no longer have a Trader Joe’s close by! 😦

Hope this helped give you some ideas!

Happy eating,

2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s favorites

  1. Love love love TJ’s. I’ve always eyeballed the tamales but never got them, I’ll have to try them now! I love all of their hummus…the white bean and pesto is really good. And their frozen cauliflower fried rice isn’t half bad either! 🤤


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