Small Space (Home) Gym!

Hello everyone,

First off I just want to say I think it’s awesome that YOU are looking into setting up a home gym in your space! A lot of my friends go to the gym and I’ve considered it…my husband even got me a pass for Christmas because of the child care option. But I prefer doing it in my own space at my own pace.

So without boring you with my lengthy fitness journey that involves episodes of depression, low self esteem, and some hard life events I want to share the positive. Every time I’ve set a goal, even working through depression, to workout it has helped immensely. It is so hard to want to do it when you’re in a certain state of mind but it makes a world of difference. Even when running it feels like the only time my head is clear and I don’t feel so weighed down. But now summer is here and I’m not quite ambitious enough to wake up before it’s a million degrees outside.

Before I was hauling this cart back and forth from my pantry to our living room. It worked great and was easy to load and unload. We didn’t really have a space where our kids didn’t go that I could set up a home gym. Now we do and it makes me sooooo happy! It’s super encouraging to see everything and have my workouts laid out for the month as well as my progress books nearby. I love Autumn Calabrese’s workouts on beach body. I’m not a coach and only got paired with one to access 21 day fix extreme real time early. I use to use the dollar workout program but it’s no longer running. Natalie Hodson, Drew Mannin, and Lynn Manning are awesome fitness people to follow as well!

Anywho onto the setup and where I got everything!


I’ll start with the weight rack because I don’t have a close up. I ended up using this shoe rack from Target. It was under $30 and by placing my heavier weights on the floor I knew it wouldn’t weight it down too much. I’m planning to sew a cover for it at some point but for now having them exposed works well in a low traffic area.



Next is the 3 cubby box with hooks I used for all my resistance bands and loops.  I got it marked down at target but it’s listed for under $40 on their site right now. I also added these plants from amazon to make it look a little nicer. The box in the center is actually a utensil holder but worked perfectly to hide and store all my loops.


I am one who really loves checklists and seeing my month laid out. I also don’t do the workouts Monday-Sunday (crazy, I know!) I do them Monday-Friday. Since I don’t do it 7 days a week it’s hard to remember which ones I did to make sure they all make it into my rotation. For that reason….I got this awesome chalkboard calendar from Target! It was so inexpensive and perfect for the space! I then keep all my other paper trackers in a magazine rack I picked up from Home Goods.


Last but not least I store my yoga mats, yoga block, foam roller, and sliders in this half circle laundry hamper (cheaper in store).  I debated hanging them on the wall but felt storing them in here made the room look a little cleaner and it’s already a smaller space. I wanted some shape variation which is why I chose the half circle.

That’s everything! I hope this helped any of you looking to jazz up your small space with an in home gym. If you have any questions comment down below! I’m planning to add an interchangeable Bowflex set to my gym next to my free weights. I’d love to hear if any of you have it and love it!

Have a happy workout,


** Amazon and target links are affiliate links. Thank you for helping support my blog!**

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