Hospital Thank Yous!

Hey everyone,

For those who don’t already know we’re expecting! I’m 34weeks with baby #4! It’s our last and it’s a girl 👧🏼 We’re so excited!

Almost 2yrs ago I made a similar post here and wanted to change up a few things.

I got everything at Target this time and it was super inexpensive! Cliff bars and chapstick were on sale which is always a plus! Did tic tacs instead of gum so they’re not chewing on something if they can’t. Also added tissues because it’s that time of year! We just got over the flu ourselves :/

Not sure if I’ll take the chocolate out…due in February but it gets hots here and we might not bring the bags in right away.

All I did was lay everything out on rose gold tissue paper, plopped it in a clear bag, added a thank you, and tied it with ribbon!

I know lots of people will order food as a thank you for the staff and leave it for them. I just like giving bags specifically to those that helped us. These were a hit last time even with our doctor. I know they’re doing their jobs but it’s not easy!

I didn’t create a blank pdf this time but you can save these blank ones and use them if you please! Just insert them into a word document 🙂

Happy labor and delivery,

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