Improve your child’s behavior (10min, twice a day)

Hello everyone, How many minutes a day do you spend resolving power struggles with your children? If you dont think you have 10-20min a day for each child just think about the time you’ll save in the long run 😉  My son really struggles during vacation. He’s very independent and likes helping me prepare our … More Improve your child’s behavior (10min, twice a day)

Playroom Madness

I’m sure the word madness doesn’t mesh with “organized” in most minds. However I’ve learned to embrace the madness in a way that helps keep me sane when it comes to toys (a love/hate relationship with most moms). For starters we use to just have toys out in our front room. Mostly because we lived … More Playroom Madness

Jujube Mini be

Hello Mommies of preschoolers, For about a year my son has found joy in pulling apart my diaper bag…I decided it was time to get him his own bag to pull apart. I wasn’t a huge fan of the jujube bff diaper but I did love that you could wash it. I became obsessed with … More Jujube Mini be